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This inspirational poem encourages people of all ages to think about the “art that’s in their heart,” then take the first step toward achieving their dreams and goals!


Bizzo the Bear
Arose in his lair,
Then fell back asleep and kept snoozin’.
His mother called
From across the hall,
And said, “Bizzo! It’s time to get movin’!
School starts at 8 –
It’s not good to be late –
So get up, wake up, and start groovin’!”

Bizzo sighed,
Opened his eyes,
Rolled over, and put his paws on the floor.
“I can do this,” he said.
“Learning’s good for my head!”
So he got dressed and walked out the door.

As he walked toward his school,
Bizzo thought it was cool
To think about dreams, visions, and goals.
“Perhaps I’ll race cars,
Or study the stars
And learn about cosmic black holes!”

“That’s it!” Bizzo thought.
“I’ll study a lot
And become the world’s first bear in space!
The path may be rocky –
People might think I’m cocky –
But I’ll work hard and finish the race!”

Fast forward two decades
Past all of the barricades,
And here’s Bizzo the astronaut-bear!
He’s flown near and far,
Discovered new stars,
And learned how to breathe in thin air!

When asked to address
How he became a success,
Bizzo paused, and thought hard for a moment.
“I started with vision,
Took a step toward my mission,
Then simply kept goin’ and goin’!”


1. Bizzo the Bear enjoys learning about space and being an astronaut! What are you interested in learning more about and doing? These things are the “art that’s in your heart!”

2. What is the first step you can take toward learning more about and doing the “art that’s in your heart?” Maybe you can take a class, read books from the library, explore information online, or just start doing the things that you enjoy doing! Take the first step!


Bizzo the Bear is a poem about YOU and your dreams and goals, so he can look any way that you imagine! Here are a few ideas for inspiration!

Here are some websites and resources about space that you might want to explore:
NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
NASA Space Place
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
National Air and Space Museum
Hubble Space Telescope
ALMA Observatory (located in Chile)


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