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MORPHO THE BLUE BUTTERFLY AND THE GREEN BEE SYM-PHO-NEE is a fascinating tale about the power of fusion in the arts!


1. Fusion can be defined as “the act of joining or combining two or more things (items, styles, techniques, etc.) together.” Think of examples such as zumba (Latin dance and aerobic fitness movements), country rock (country western music and rock music), and macaroni-and-cheese sandwiches (macaroni-and-cheese and sandwich bread). What are some other examples of fusion that you have seen, heard, or experienced?

2. What are some things that might be interesting to combine together? Think of different art styles, foods, dance styles, types of music, and so on!

3. When we make new things or try something new, people can have a variety of reactions. Sometimes other people like what we have created, sometimes they do not like what we have created, and sometimes they have suggestions about how to change or improve what we have created. How might you respond in each of these situations?

4. What words of advice or encouragement would you give to someone who wanted to try doing something new in the arts?

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