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Here are some ideas to keep your creativity flowing that you can do during any month of the year – you can do these activities in the order listed below, do them in a different order, add your own ideas, and more! Many of these activities are great for families to do together (younger children may need some assistance) – you can do them no matter how old or young you are!

* DAY 1: Create or do something that brings more light into the world, and makes the world a brighter place! You may want to make a flyer, draw or paint a picture, write a skit or short story, and so on!
* DAY 2: Spend time playing with playdough, building blocks, or legos!
* DAY 3: Participate in the culinary arts! Bake and decorate cookies, create a nutritious meal, and/or try making something new!
* DAY 4: Wrap a present creatively!
* DAY 5: Sing a song, or even write a song!
* DAY 6: Decorate an empty glass bottle using decoupage (you can find instructions online), then fill with flowers or give as a gift!
* DAY 7: Think of some creative or meaningful phrases or designs that you could put on a bumper sticker or refrigerator magnet, then create a simple sketch – you may want to have it made into an actual product in the future!
* DAY 8: Listen to music outside of your normal choices, and expand your musical horizons!
* DAY 9: Find an empty paper towel roll or a clean popsicle stick, and think of as many different ways as you can to use it! Then transform the roll or stick into something new!
* DAY 10: Attend a concert, play, musical, recital, or dance production – online is also great!
* DAY 11: Write an alternative ending to a favorite story or movie!
* DAY 12: Start learning how to play a musical instrument – you can always begin by watching body percussion videos!
* DAY 13: Think of a message that you would like to share with the world (e.g., “Give thanks everyday”; “Be kind to animals”), then create a flyer, commercial, or social media post to convey that message!
* DAY 14: Watch a movie or video all the way through the final credits – research anything that you are not familiar with or have questions about (e.g., where exactly the film location is on a world map, what a key grip or foley artist does).
* DAY 15: See how many household objects you can use as musical instruments, then create a short musical composition (even if it’s only a few seconds long)!
* DAY 16: Go on a field trip to a local company, business, or factory, and find out how certain products are made!
* DAY 17: Pick a Bible verse or an inspirational saying, then create a skit, short story, dance/mime, or piece of art based on it!
* DAY 18: Make a puppet – you can use fabric, a sock, or even a paper bag!
* DAY 19: Find a flower or other small object and study it closely, then put it out of your sight. Then try drawing it from memory!
* DAY 20: Dress creatively!
* DAY 21: Bring a small group of people together and hold a gathering/discussion focused on inspiration and creativity! People can share whatever inspires them – a song, something they have read or written, a special memory, something from nature, a photograph, a favorite Bible verse, and so on! Or just talk with a friend about the same things!
* DAY 22: Build something!
* DAY 23: Write a poem about a topic that you find interesting – you might want to try writing a limerick, haiku, or “Roses are red” poem!
* DAY 24: Play a game of “pretend” with action figures or stuffed animals (or remember a favorite game of imagination that you played when you were a kid)!
* DAY 25: Take some clean materials from a recycling bin, then use them to create something new – you might want to make a piece of art, a miniature fort, or something else creative!
* DAY 26: Play board games or card games.
* DAY 27: Attend a local city council meeting or take a walk/drive through your community, and think of ways to help improve your community. Start doing them when you can!
* DAY 28: Invent something that you think people need or would appreciate – draw or describe your invention in some way, then make a miniature prototype of it if you can!
* DAY 29: Create a new game that people can play. This might be a board game, a physical activity game like hide-and-go-seek, a guessing game, or something else!
* DAY 30: Think about some things that happened during the past year that you are thankful for, then create a word collage or other piece of art to remember these things!
* DAY 31: What are some positive words, images, or Bible verses that you feel will describe the upcoming year? Turn these phrases and/or images into an inspirational piece of art!