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VIOLETT THE PINK BUTTERFLY is a heartwarming story about a young blue morpho butterfly who unexpectedly becomes pink! Although a couple of dragonflies in the area make fun of her pink appearance, Violett pushes past their criticism, auditions for a dance show, and becomes internationally known as a talented salsa dancer! This story can be used to encourage anyone who has ever been teased because of their appearance or physical characteristics, and inspires people of all ages to live life to the fullest! You can listen to the story on this website (see video below) — VIOLETT THE PINK BUTTERFLY is also available as an e-book via Kindle / Amazon.

1. Violett was expected to be a blue butterfly, but surprisingly she was pink when she came out of the chrysalis. A couple of nearby dragonflies teased Violett because of her pink appearance. Has anyone ever made fun of you because of your appearance or physical characteristics? If so, take a moment to forgive them, and keep moving toward your goals and dreams!
2. In the story, Violett saw a long line of animals waiting to audition for a dance show, and was encouraged by a zebra standing in the line to try out for the show. Has anyone ever encouraged you to try something new that you wanted to do? Take time to thank that person(s) for their encouragement!
3. Violett realized that she didn’t look like the other animals who were auditioning for the dance show. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you didn’t fit in with everyone else? How did you handle the situation? How might you handle a similar situation in the future? Remember to keep moving toward your goals even if you don’t fit in with the crowd — you might break open new territory for yourself and others!
4. Violett loves to dance! What are some of the things that you love to do? These are the “arts that are in your heart!”

Although Violett is a butterfly who unexpectedly turns pink, her parents come from a long line of blue morpho butterflies. Here are some websites about blue morpho butterflies that you may want to explore:
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