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ZEBEDIAH THE ZEBRA SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLY is a heartwarming story about a reformed butterfly who writes bedtime stories to his children while finishing a sentence for criminal behavior. This story highlights how it is possible to use our creativity under challenging circumstances for good purposes.


1. There are many different ways that we can feel like we are “in prison” and unable to engage in our regular activities – we might be encountering a serious illness, working long hours at a demanding job, studying for school, taking care of family members, and so on. What are some ways that you have felt like you were in prison or in captivity, either now or in the past? How did you handle the situation?

2. Just like Zebediah the butterfly was able to write stories when he was in jail, we can always find ways to be creative and do the things we enjoy, even when we feel like we are in captivity in some way. What are some creative things that you like to do, and how can you find ways to do them even when you are restricted?

3. Do you know someone who is “in prison” or restricted in some way? Take time to encourage that person – if possible, spend time with them in person doing something creative that they enjoy, or provide them with materials that they can use to be creative at a future time!

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