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Jump into the Arts is a faith-based organization dedicated to encouraging people of all ages to “do the art that’s in their heart”! In a nutshell, the “art that’s in your heart” can be defined as the activities and attitudes that bring you joy, that you have some measure of innate ability to do, and that help you experience the Lord’s delight! The art that’s in your heart may include traditional visual and performing arts activities such as drawing, painting, dancing, acting, singing, playing a musical instrument, or writing poetry, or it may include other activities such as designing freeways, managing finances, operating a business, teaching children, or being a good friend. When we do the art that’s in our heart, we are a blessing to the Lord, our communities, and ourselves!


Listen to our founder, Dr. Hilary Burg, talking about Jump into the Arts on with radio program host, Caz Taylor! The conversation about Jump into the Arts begins around the 45:20 mark. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

And click here to visit our Jump into the Arts channel on YouTube!

Visit our companion organization and website, Goodness Rocks!, to discover ways that you can “rock the world with goodness!”